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The Use of Social Media for Online Marketing

Date Added: April 08, 2016 09:11:27 PM
Author: Woods
Category: Internet

Online marketing began in 1994 and it gained its momentum in the year 2004 as more businesses started to utilize this industry to advertise their products and services. A large number of companies have emerged so that they can facilitate the buying and selling of goods and services through various web pages. The main function of their business was to generate traffic by giving away content and selling traffic to advertisers. And now, with emergence of new things like social media, search engine optimization, and other avenues of establishing connections, new ways are used by both small and big companies to market their products.

Search Engine Optimization

You do not have to hire an expensive and prestigious company in order for you to experience SEO services that can build and manage your business in the online world. In fact, there are businesses that offer cheaper services with flexible payment schemes that can make SEO products more affordable, particularly to starting companies. Nevertheless, if they do not have much financial resource to avail such services, they can also opt in using existing online tools that require some learning to be used for search engine exposure. They can gain access to tools that can gain exposure to customers in other social media avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, LinkedIn, or invite other netizens to take a look at your website.


With Facebook having so many users, even more than 1 billion strong, it is now a requisite to create a business page where people could see your company in a nutshell. Providing updates in the page, such as products, sharing videos, and even commenting on other sources can become a way of helping SEO for your site. You do not have to spend money in creating a Facebook page while getting the most of interacting with customers in a more engaging way.


This can be considered the Facebook of the corporate world. LinkedIn is a different kind of social media that connects professionals working in companies, business, and corporations. Oftentimes, professional portfolio is being used to be able to establish connections with supervisors, CEOs, and other executives. Creating a page in this site becomes an avenue for you to have your business recognized in the corporate sector, achieving a different level of exposure that cannot be gained with the average masses. Completing your profile and all other information gives room for your business to be tied up with others in the same industry.

Google +

It is a no-brainer to say that Google owns the most visited and utilized search engine in the world, leading against Yahoo and Bing. Because of this, it is also necessary for your business to create a page in Google+ to create a network in a different social media sphere. And the more interesting thing is that an account in Google also opens your SEO opportunities to additional tools such as Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Google Calendar, AdSense, AdWords, Google Drive, and many more. And because the page is integrated with the search engine provider, providing positive information such as reviews, comments, and other site details can be of great help.